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Courtesy Towing has been serving the Greater Orlando area since 1997. We are a stable company that has three locations through Central Florida. Our multiple locations and large fleet allow us to maintain great service and low response times. We specialize in local Government service and understand the high standards of service required to serve law enforcement needs and reflect that same level of professionalism with all our customers.

Some of our storage facility highlights:

1)  6000 square feet of indoor secure storage with 40 foot ceilings so even the largest RVs and commercial trucks can be stored indoors.

2)  27,000 pound capacity heavy duty commercial vehicle hoist. This can be a great time saving piece of equipment to investigate heavy commercial vehicle accidents in which an underside inspection must be made.

3)  Dedicated CSI (law enforcement use only) indoor investigation room built to FDOT specification complete with ultra violet lighting, automotive hoist, high intensity lights on walls and ceilings, and many more features to assist in investigation and preservation of evidence.

4)  Security- State of the art color infrared surveillance system covering the entire facility with a terabyte of storage capacity and a third party monitored alarm system insures all vehicles are stored securely.

Some of Our Equipment Highlights:

1)  A large fleet of trucks insure fast response and consistency to handle any emergency.

2)  We are the only company Seminole County to provide a 4 wheel drive wrecker for off road operations and recovery.

3)  Emergency response support vehicles. We have trucks set up to provide support for heavy accidents, clean up, and road side assistance. These vehicles carry special tools and equipment to provide, welding, generator power, cutting, and even large air compressors and tools that can handle removal and repair of semi truck tires.

4)  Water recovery support boat. Our boat is lightweight and be launched from any shore and has been an essential piece of equipment when cars were needed to be recovered from deep water.

5)  8,000 pound capacity off road forklift that can be brought to an accident scene for quickly unloading cargo or clearing debris for the roadway during a collision that involves cargo spillage.

6)  4 Wheel drive Snorkel Lift that can be used for recovery rigging in areas that may difficult to reach or in support for Fire Rescue operations.

Operations and Infrastructure:

1)  We use the most modern equipment to insure accurate record keeping and efficient dispatching such as the Dell 3150 (3 gen) rack mounted server running  Active Directory network with Optiplex stations.

2)  NEC Aspire phone system and a combination of both Cisco server digital and analog phone lines all underground to insure reliability during even the worst weather.

3)  Digital Dispatching, and enterprise towing software; all to insure our company operates at peck efficiency.

4)  Backup generators on premise to insure uninterrupted operations during power outages.

5)  Having both managed T-1 and High Speed Cable Internet also insure reliable access at all times.

Training and Experience:

1)  Our drivers are trained and certified. We insure each of our drivers stay current and require continuing education to keep up with today’s new cars and the hazards that come with towing and recovering them.

2)  Each employee is background checked through a national back ground service and FDLE

3)  All our drivers are equipped and trained to meet the ANSI 3 level of visibility and safety while working on roadways.

4)  All drivers are equipped with various OSHA certified safety gear for blood hazard protection, eye protection, hearing protection, and particulate masks to insure on scene safety at all times. Our safety motto is; “clean up the accident scene without becoming part of it”.

Community Support and Contribution:

1)  Our company believes in giving back to the community we serve. We offer training and support to the local public services and we have never charged any money to do so.

2)  Every car that has been deemed to be destroyed and is issued a Florida Certificate of Destruction is donated to the local area fire departments including Casselberry Fire Department.

3)  Our buildings and facilities are often used for K-9 training for several agencies

4)  Our CEO has been trained by the Seminole County Office of Emergency Management and is part of the Community Emergency Response Team with FEMA certification. When Central Florida was hit with Hurricanes; it was critical to have people in place that understood how to operate and work with Government agencies and OEM during those times of crisis. The assets, capabilities, and equipment of our towing service proved to be essential.

Our company is dedicated to providing outstanding service as a first and only call solution to all your towing needs. Thank you for your consideration and I hope to earn the continued opportunity to serve.