Customized Solutions to Your Parking Concerns

Courtesy Towing understands that providing adequate parking to residents, visitors, patrons, and homeowners can alone be a difficult task. Vehicle owners who disregard parking regulations can only add to the parking problems that already exist on your property. Illegally parked and/or abandoned vehicles can cause an unsafe, cluttered parking area, creating an inconvenience to you and your residents or homeowners.


We offer a wide variety of services aimed at providing you with convenient and quick solutions to your parking concerns:


·         Parking Permits (window decals or hanging placards) to be used for residents, visitors, vendors, or other vehicles parked on your property

·         On Property Relocating for repaving and parking lot maintenance

·         Tow Away Signs customized for the parking regulations of your property will act as a deterrent and offer added security

·         Inoperable and Abandoned Vehicle Removal prevents a possible decline in property value

·         Digital Photographs document violations of the vehicle towed

·         Fire Lane and ADA Enforcement helps you avoid possible liabilities or fines from local authorities

·         Illegally Parked Vehicle Removal provides a more secure parking area for your community

·         24-hour state-of-the-art Dispatch and Customer Service Center provides fast and professional service

·         3 locations throughout Central Florida provides convenient access to towed vehicles and fast response